In recent months, my blog has been discovered by several expat websites that I adore. They have contacted me for interviews and featured me on their website. If you are curious to learn more about me or my blog, you can read more here:

Blog Expat: This website serves as a directory and hub for many expat bloggers. Every week they profile a blogger in their network. In September, I was one of the lucky bloggers. You can read my interview here.

Internations: This is an organization for expats around the world. It was one of the first organizations I joined when I moved to Istanbul. They sponsor monthly events in the city’s best venues to provide expats the opportunity to network, socialize and take full advantage of everything the city has to offer. They are currently working to build city and country guides to help new expats establish themselves in their new cities, countries, cultures and jobs. You can read my interview here.

Pocket Cultures: This is a wonderful website for expats, travelers and globally-minded individuals who are curious, connected and interested in an international and dynamic way of life, wherever they are in the world. Their slogan is “the world in your pocket”. The website profiles interesting people, places and products. The website reviewed my blog and asked me a few questions. You can read their profile here.


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