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I have taught Kindergarten at two different private schools in Istanbul over the past three years. While I recently decided to move forward and imagine new possibilities, I wanted to reflect on the best parts of the job.

1.) 2 1/2 months of paid vacation (with the combination of summer holidays and national holidays, we are quite spoiled!) My breaks have given me the time to travel! In the past three years, I have explored Budapest, Vienna, Ljubljana, Varna, London, Cappadocia, Dubrovnik, Rome, Madrid,  Southern Turkey and the islands off the Dalmatian Coast, in addition to spending 3 weeks at home each summer. Life is good;)

2.) Hugs are welcome! In Turkey, especially, if you work with small children, you are a good teacher if you are affectionate with the children. You can hug, hold and kiss your students and they will do the same to you. There is nothing better than reading to a student sitting in your lap, or being greeted each morning with big hugs.

3.) Amazing coworkers. I have worked with passionate, intelligent, globally minded, well-travelled and creative individuals from every corner of the globe. It is awesome

4.) Unlimited Resources: Working at a school that charges 29,000 lira per year has its advantages. Any material, any game, any resource (within reason) can be yours.

5.) It is fun! Last year we had numerous dance parties, a pyjama party and a picnic. We planted flowers. We dissected cacti. We studied different cultures. We discussed the importance of recycling and introduced the concept of global warming. We made bird houses. We toured a TV set. We played with play dough. We hosted  the school Olympics, a winter festival and an End of Year show that rivaled a Broadway musical. Every day is different and there are numerous opportunities to try new things.     Read the rest of this entry

The Perks of Being an English Teacher in Turkey

Snapshots of my class


There are many people who have asked about my school. Finally, I have some pictures. My class is composed of 19 five-year old students. They are spunky, energetic and smart. I am constantly amazed by their observations, vocabulary and artwork. I have included some photos of the students which I took before the official class photograph (you can see their happy and surprised faces), as well as some pictures of the classroom and our most recent hallway boards. Enjoy!

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