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Our Favorite Restaurant


We discovered it on a cold and rainy day my first year in Istanbul. Wandering through the back alleyways of Taksim in search of a warm and welcoming space to escape from the rain, we found Pizzeria Trio. We have been coming back ever since. It has become the site of our most romantic dates and special celebrations, and it seems only right that it was also the site where Caglayan proposed. The owner knows us, and goes out of his way to make us feel at home. We quickly discovered our favorite dishes, and rarely divert from our traditional order: eggplant parmesean and the caprese salad to begin, the pollo pizza and the chocolate suffle for dessert.

The restaurant was started by two Turkish guys who lived in Italy and were determined to bring authentic Italian cuisine to Istanbul. They succeeded. When I enter, I relive every magical moments of our romance, as well as our adventures in Rome. We go expecting to start our evening there, but almost always make the dinner the centerpiece of our night as we share a bottle of wine, and talk over the candlelight…

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