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Every Thursday, I make the journey to Cengelkoy to meet one of my clients.  It is a two-hour lesson and everything about it is fun and exciting.  I love having an excuse to explore the Asian side of the city. Additionally, I love commuting by ferry. There is an additional plus: Autumn is here and the sun is setting earlier. As a result, I have the unique privilege of riding the ferry at sunset. It is the ideal commute! Jealous?!

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The Bosphorus at Sunset


Along the Bosphorus


On any given day, the Bosphorus is lined with fisherman. Men of all ages assemble along the waterfront promenades that pass along the Bosphorus. They gather in large numbers on the bridge that connects Karakoy to Eminonu, and at the waterfront parks scattered along both shores. These parks and promenades will be lined with people who spend their days and evenings fishing. It is quite a sight. Buckets of fish line the sidewalk, and the scent of fish fills the air.  On Sundays, families gather to barbecue the catch of the day. Small carts pass selling tea and corn. Other entrepreneurs rent fishing poles and fishing equipment at modest prices. For 7 dollars, you can spend the day fishing along the Bosphorus.

The abundant and diverse seas, rivers and lakes of Turkey contribute to the high supply and demand for fish in the country. The anchovy represents 55 percent of the fish caught in Turkey. As you wander past the fisherman, you will see one after another pull up their line with 4-8 anchovies shaking and sparkling as they come out of the water. Apparently, there are not any restrictions to fisherman in Turkey. No licenses are required, and fishing equipment seems to be plentiful. Everyone can be an amateur fisherman or woman:) In the very least, enjoy the view and spectacle as you walk past the small masses of fisherman taking advantage of the beautiful public spaces situated along the Bosphorus.

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