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I’m Back!


It was Kurban Bayram earlier this week. It is one of the most important Islamic holidays, and a national holiday in Turkey. We took full advantage of these 5 days of freedom, and booked a Lycia tour with Touristica Tours. It was a whirlwind tour. We spent 4 days on boats and busses seeing the unbelievably beautiful mountains, islands, and ancient ruins of Southwestern Turkey. Some highlights include:

1.) Seeing a giant sea turtle swim around our boat
2.) Walking through the amphitheater of Patara, the ancient capital of the provence when it was part of Rome and a major port city of the Lycian League
3.) A boat tour that took us in and around the 12 islands that surround the coast of Fethiye
4.) Wandering through Saklikent (Hidden City) Canyon

I look forward to discussing my favorite places and experiences in more detail. Until then, I will share a few pictures..

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