I have a life far richer than anything I could have anticipated when I bought a one-way ticket to Istanbul 3 years ago. I have friends and colleagues from all over the world, with diverse interests and backgrounds. I have watched beautiful sunsets on top of rooftop terraces,  played soccer at 2 AM,  and tasted some of the most amazing flavors the world has to offer. I have negotiated (in Turkish) at the Grand Bazaar, and know how to use public transportation to get almost anywhere in the city.

With every new discovery, I continue to find new reasons to be mesmerized by this dynamic and enchanting city.  Istanbul has become my home and my launch pad as I explore the  world. I have travelled to Vienna, Rome, Budapest, Madrid, London and along the coast of Croatia.  I have explored the fairy chimneys of Cappadocia and the natural wonder of Pamukkale. I have swam in the Mediterranean and explored the ancient ruins of Efes, Pergamon and Hierapolis. I have taught myself how to cook, plan, travel, teach, and now you can observe my efforts to enter the blogosphere.

Questions? Comments? Inquiries? Email Me! pointwhitedriveblog@gmail.com

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  1. like your blog. Just found it. Lucky you, living in Istanbul. Have only been once and want to see more of turkey though but so much to see and sooo little time:) Am planning another trip there for august/sept 2013….Can’t wait… its like this chaotic paradise if that makes sense. A truly amazing place, that is like stepping back in time yet round the next corner, its like venice and round another totally modern… looking forward to receiving your posts):

    • Louis VincentEt quand bien même, vous auriez (très imbpmrableoent raison) que faites vous du Pari de Pascal que le Taulier a si bien adapté à la situation climatique ?7fb

    • You’re right, Mary, about the nature of grief; that it can turn in an instant. I never trust myself these days, which is why I’m tending to stay home a lot right now – volatile. I’m open (mostly) here because grief seems to be a bit of a mystery if you haven’t experienced it – at least that’s how it was for me. I might have been the one thinking that active grieving would be waning after four months. What a skadoosh!

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