Monet Comes to Istanbul


Monet_Waterliliesphoto credit

Nestled along the Bosphorus is a mansion on a hill overlooking  the Asian shore. This was once a embassy and then home to one of the richest families in Turkey. Now, it houses a museum which brings some of the most famous artists to Istanbul. People still talk about the Dali exhibit that occurred 4 years ago, and now Monet sits at the heart of the exhibition space of the museum. The pieces are on loan fro the Marmottan Monet Museum, which holds the larges collection of Claude Monet’s work. 

The exhibit is titled Monet’s Garden, and highlights his life as well as his beloved Giverny Garden, the garden he created himself and which served as the subject of many of his late paintings. While the collection is small, it contains many impressive pieces. You will see the famous garden, the Japanese bridge and of course, the water lilies. One of my favorite parts of the exhibit, was a collection of seven paintings from the last years of his life. Due to an eye condition, Monet interpreted colors in a drastically different way. His color palette switched from blues, purples and greens to reds, oranges, yellows and browns

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Monet’s Garden is being exhibited at the Sakip Sabanci Muzesi, located on the sahil yolu (waterfront road) in Emirgan. You can take the 42T from Taksim or Besiktas. It will be open to the public until January 6th. Do not miss your chance to see this beautiful exhibit. Read more about the exhibit and the museum here.

photo credit
photo credit

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