My Turkey Travel Wishlist


Bozcaada: This Aegean island is famous for its wineries, beaches and its medieval fortress. It is colorful, calm and beautiful.

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Sumela Monestary: South of Trabzon, this monastery hangs off the rock walls, overlooking a forest. It was founded in the Byzantine times and abandoned in the 1920s at the founding of the Turkish republic

The Sumela Monastery - Macka, TrabzonPhoto Credit

Safranbolu: An UNESCO World Heritage site,  this old Ottoman village is located in the middle of a valley in the center of Turkey. The beautiful Ottoman buildings and the old city center have been perfectly restored, making this town  a perfect retreat.

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Mount Nemrut: The natural treasure of eastern Turkey, this mountain offers more than scenic views and a beautiful natural landscape. At the top of the mountain lies pre-Roman statues and tombs of a local King and the gods he worshiped  To add to the mystique, it was not discovered until 1881, when the Ottoman Empire commissioned a German engineer to explore alternative trade routes.


                                                           Photo Credit

Olympos: A backpackers paradise along the Southern shores of Turkey. Removed from large summer resort city’s, Olympos offers a refuge for travelers who want an escape. Famous for its tree houses, ancient ruins and the mysterious natural flames, I dream about exploring and delighting in the magic of Olympos

                                                          Photo Credit

Kayaköy: This town of 2000 abandoned stone houses is an eerie reminder of Turkey’s challenging past. Once named Levissi, this village was inhabited Greek Ottomans. Shortly after Turkey was founded, there was a population exchange between Greece and Turkey. The inhabitants of this modern ghost town moved to the outskirts of Athens, where they founded New Levissi. The town was never inhabited. It sits in a slow decay as a reminder of what was lost in attempting to create a Turkish state.

                                                          Photo Credit

Mount Uludag: This mountain is located outside of the city of Bursa and it has become Turkey’s most popular ski resort in the winter season. There are numerous hotels and resorts in the town of Uludag and a cable car that takes you to the slopes. It is the perfect getaway from Istanbul.


                                                           Photo Credit

Şile: Located along the Black Sea on the outskirts of Istanbul, this seaside village offers beautiful beaches, hidden sea caves, a lively market and a wonderful escape from the city.

                                                           Photo Credit

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