Van Kahvalti Evi: The Best Breakfast Place in Cihangir

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As you may know, Cihangir is home to many cozy, charming and lively cafes that offer wonderful breakfasts. One of my favorite weekend activities is a breakfast date in Cihangir. As a result, over the past year I have written rave reviews about several different breakfast places in Cihangir. But, if you only have one morning in Cihangir, you must go to Van Kahvalti Evi.

This place is the star of the Cihangir breakfast scene. There are lines of young hipsters and expats along the sidewalk, awaiting a coveted seat in this bustling cafe. The staff runs around delivering one glass of tea after another  and work harder than any other wait staff I have ever seen. Several minutes after you place your order, numerous small plates cover the table. Unfamiliar delicacies await you. They include a ground walnut paste with honey, a hearty mixture of wheat and egg and the best tahini you wil ever sample. Additionally, a wide variety of incredibly fresh cheeses, the juiciest tomatoes, fresh kaymak (clotted cream) and homemade honey.

For those of you that do not know, Van is a city in the Southeast of Turkey. It is famous for its large, hearty breakfasts. Every city and region has special delicacies and recipes unique to the area. In Van Kahvalti Evi, the flavors of a Van breakfast come to you.

Come with at least 4 people if you want to attempt to finish the ‘Serpme Kahvalti’ (pronounced, “sairp-may” “kah-vahl-tuh”, which means ‘the full spread’). It will cost around 20 lira and you will not need to eat for hours.

Address: Defterdar Yokuşu No: 52.A, Cihangir (behind the mosque in the middle of Cihangir)
Telephone: 0212-293-6437

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