A Boat Ride Along the Golden Horn


One of my close friends returned to the United States this week. He was my Turkish study partner, as well as our neighbor. Before he left, we had the opportunity to celebrate with him and his roommates. We spent last Saturday on the Golden Horn.

One of the best things about Istanbul is the numerous opportunities to celebrate along the Bosphorus. I have spent evenings in terrace bars and hotels with 180 degree views of the Bosphorus. I have enjoyed glorious nights hanging off the Bosphorus at seaside bars and restaurants. And, this week we explored the Golden Horn in a small little boat with 12 interesting people who were all in Istanbul for different reasons. We had a Copy Editor for the Turkish Daily News, a Spanish translator who translates Ottoman maritime texts into English, a Turkish lawyer and an aspiring pastry chef.

We drank beer and celebrated a birthday. We laughed and chatted as we passed Pierre Lotti, some deserted island in the middle of the Golden Horn, the infamous red bricked center of the Greek Orthodox school and old Ottoman shipyards. We spent 3 hours enjoying our magnificent city and ended the trip watching a beautiful sunset.

It is easy to find a boat. We booked ours the day before the trip. We arranged it through a fisherman who uses his boat for Bosphorus tours. We met him at the end of the fish bazaar in Karakoy.  You can find additional information by searching online or walking along the Bosphorus (Kurucesme, Karakoy or Eminonu).

The Party Boat


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