Copenhagen: First Impressions


More colorful than Berlin, friendlier than Paris, cozier than London and hipper than Rome, this city seems to have elements of all of my favorite cities, with a magic entirely of its own.

It is hard not to feel at home in Copenhagen. With bright colors, friendly people, innovative design and a wholesome approach to living, this city has something for everyone. There are more bicycles than cars. The royal palace grounds are open to all. Beautiful institutions of culture line the waterfront. People are outgoing, helpful and articulate, all while speaking perfect English. Every type of food can be found on along the city’s cobblestone streets. Warm cafes lure you in with modern designs and the enticing scent of freshly ground coffee beans.

Fathers push strollers of smiley babies. The weather does not keep anyone off the streets. No table is complete without a candle. Home decor stores, cafes and bakeries seem to dominate the streets. Hot dogs are the street food of choice. Runners glide along the waterfront.

And! It was Autumn! Vibrant red, orange and yellow leaves cover the streets. Every restaurant and shop had pumpkins, gourds and Halloween decor. The city’s amusement park opens for two weeks simply to celebrate Halloween. Seeing as we are still blessed with sunshine and warm weather in Istanbul, this was a wonderful surprise, which provided me with the opportunity to experience a taste of all my favorite Autumn experiences from home…

I am still sorting through photos  and catching up on work, but stay tuned for more photos and stories!


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