My New Sunday Destination: The Antique Pazar


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The Ferikoy neighborhood is one of extreme contrasts. There are old apartment buildings, churches and a large cemetery that reflect the neighborhoods history and diversity. It is home to the city’s Armenian population and welcomes new refugees, Erasmus students and Kurdish families on a regular basis. Some of the streets and shops have not changed in the last 50 years, however, the city has changed around it. There is an old parking lot that hosts the organic produce bazaar on Saturday and the Antique bazaar on Sunday. Surrounding this dilapidated structure are sleek new apartment buildings surrounded my security gates and totally disconnected from the rest of the city.

This makes the bazaar a hidden and unexpected treasure. Every Sunday, antique collectors, artists and history buffs take over tables to display their unique collections. You will see absolutely everything from old Ottoman coins to costume jewelry, old books and picture frames, to interesting pieces of Judaica and used clothing. It is easy to spend hours scouring through each and every table, chatting with the collectors and bargaining for some unique gems.

And, of course there is food! In the middle of the bazaar is a wonderful booth with the best home cooked food. Additionally, the Saturday and Sunday bazaar has some of the best gozleme in the city (try the mixed gozleme. It is great!). Additionally, along the entrance to the bazaar is one of the only ‘organic buffets’, I have ever discovered in the city.

If you are looking for the perfect Sunday activity, this is it! Start your day with gozleme and fresh squeezed orange juice. Afterwards, spend and hour or two searching for treasures…

You can reach the bazaar by getting off at the Pangalti exit of the Osmanbey Metro station. Walk along Ergenekon Cadessi, passing Kurtulus Caddessi, until you reach the end of the street. You will see the tall new apartment developments (including Anthill) to your right walk through the development until you are greeted with a sign that welcomes you to the bazaar.

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