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Watch out Cihangir. Besiktas is the new weekend breakfast destination!

In the past 2 years, a handful of new breakfast cafes have popped up near the Besiktas Balik Pazari. This lead TimeOut Istanbul to describe Celebioglu Sokak as a street devoted to breakfast, stating that the street “pretty much exists just so that Besiktas residents can eat breakfast.’ However, I predict that these restaurants and cafes will attract more than local residents. These bustling cafes have crowds of people waiting for a seat. Their charm as well as their quirkiness contributes to their allure. Blues and jazz play in the background. Tables unfold onto the streets.

I spent my Saturday morning sampling the numerous jams and delicious menemen at Reçel Türevleri. This particular Besiktas breakfast cafe has a unique draw: numerous jams from the city of Adana. We were served cherry, quince and carrot jam in our particular breakfast spread. We ordered the ‘serpme kahvalti’, menemen, tea and ended the meal with fresh squeezed orange juice…all for 18 lira. The young owners serve as waiters and cooks. The decor is colorful, hip and inviting. Prices are low and ingredients are fresh and organic.

The waiters buzzed past us in a flurry of activity, admittedly with their fair share of quirks.  We received one dish at a time. They took our order for orange juice, which required someone to go shopping for oranges. When we requested milk to add to coffee, they returned  10 minutes later with steamed milk. However, these quirks are part of the charm. Their work ethic and hospitality makes you feel a part of something special, and will ensure you come back. I know I will…

Turn your breakfast outing into the perfect afternoon: Complete your day with a trip to the Besiktas bazaar. It is 1o minutes away by foot, and is one of the best bazaars in Istanbul!

Besiktas: The New Breakfast Destination in Istanbul


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