While Turkuaz was first opened in 2011 , it is one of the newest (and best) language schools in the city. For newcomers looking for a place to call home and a community in their first few weeks living in Istanbul, this may be the place for you. The school is located in a lovely ground floor apartment in Gumussuyu, 10 minutes from Taksim Square.

There are four classrooms. Classes consist of no more than 6 students. There is coffee and tea awaiting you at every break. There is a lovely woman who cooks and cleans for the school, and teaches you about each dish she prepares (the smells fill the air in the morning. It is impossible to resist). Pamuk, the school’s 18-year-old cat wanders in and out of each classroom (and lap). You quickly feel at home.

The space is bright. The classrooms look out at a garden, and each classroom connects to the balcony. Everything in the school is crisp and clean. There are pictures of Istanbul all over the walls. The teachers are warm, friendly and welcoming.

My Level 1 class consists of a 2 Americans (including myself), a Japanese woman, a German man, a Welsh girl and an Austrian woman. We go out to weekly lunches and share resources on a daily basis.

Quality of Education? The teachers are excellent. While the class is taught primarily in Turkish, the teachers speak simply and slowly. You are given a Turkuaz course book on the first day of school for various reading and writing activities, Additionally, you receive 2-4 pages of homework each night. The first three weeks of class focus on the simple continuous and past tense, in addition to a lot of technical grammar. The main goal of the Introductory course is to expand your vocabulary and give you the basic foundation to learn Turkish.

Originally, I planned to take one course to guide my own Turkish studies, but now I am sold! This class is worth every penny! It is the best language course I have ever taken, and the results are already proven: I am speaking Turkish every chance I get!

Turkuaz: The New Turkish School in Town


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  1. Hi! I’m looking for Turkish class to take a one month long Turkish course. I am hesitating between Dilmer/Tomer and Turkuaz. I saw that your post is quite old now. Could you give me some advice on the turkish class in Turkuaz? Did you hear about new things for this school? Thanks!

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