As some of you know, I left the world of Kindergarten English and I am currently attempting to work with professionals to enhance their conversational English. My target is businessmen (and women) and I am excited to begin. I prepared a list of resources to make lesson planning fun and easy.

For all the other English tutors out there, enjoy!

1.) BBC Lesson Plans : Telephone conversations, setting the agenda, polite and professional discussions, etc
2.) One Stop English Lesson :Business English  and grammar lessons, as well as some interesting articles to discuss
3.) Sample Lesson Plans for Conversational Business English Lessons: A wonderful blog with full lesson plans and vocabulary
4.) Time Out: Lesson Plans, Worksheets and short readings from Inside Out’s website
5.) English Club: Vocabulary Lists, Lesson Plans, Topics and Discussion Questions
6.) Biz/ed: A new resource I just discovered. It would be good for clients who want to focus on the technicalities of different parts of the business world.
7.) Intelligent Business: A wonderful resource that designs lessons around an Economist article. It also has some quizzes and other materials that offer a lot of substance for upper-intermediate speakers.
8.) Business English Materials: Lessons surrounding specific company profiles

Business English Tutoring Resources


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