Photo Credit: http://www.jerkmagazine.net/columns/ps-qs/stereotypes-by-state.html

While Istanbul is my home and my life is full of wonder and richness. There are some things I miss from my life in the states.

In no particular order, here they are:

1.) Seeing the stars at night
2.) Seattle’s coffee obsession and the numerous funky cafes devoted to this coffee culture (and addiction;)
3.) The numerous and overwhelming options at a grocery store
4.) Living somewhere where you can run, walk and bicycle freely with good company
5.) House parties, potlucks and other inexpensive and easy ways to surround yourself with good friends in an intimate setting 

6.) Great libraries, book stores and bibliophiles

7.) The ability to dress in the most quirky, colorful and crazy of ways without judgement or stares

8.) Numerous volunteer projects and community programs

9.) Cupcakes, Thin Mints, Mexican food, chicken teriyaki and Trader Joes

10.) The freedom and sense of adventure that comes with jumping in a car, rolling down the windows, blasting your favorite music…

Some things I miss from my life in the states…


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