My Istanbul Wedding: More Wedding Photos


Our wedding photographer recently delivered two cds containing over 1000 photographs of the wedding. It is simultaneously overwhelming and exciting to sift through the memories and and events of the day. With so many of my family and friends unable to attend the wedding, I will attempt to share the photographs in numerous ways.

1.) I discovered Dropbox! It is a fabulous way to upload, share and edit photos.  Everyone at the event had a camera, and thus there are thousands upon thousands of photos from every angle. Dropbox allows everyone’s photographs to be uploaded in one place. You can see the photographs in all their glory, and save them as if they were your own. It was a great way to gather everyone’s photographs from the event. However, it is not a great way to share the event with others. In Dropbox alone, we have 3,000 photographs of various quality and significance.

2.) My Shutterfly Event Page: I created an events page with my new Shutterfly account. While it took an incredibly long time to upload all of the photographs (over 4 days…), it allows everyone to view the photographs and leave comments.

3.) I love Pinterest and it proved to be the most significant source of inspiration for me as I planned this wedding. As a result, I made several fun collages to share with other brides as they attempt to plan and imagine their own weddings.


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