1.) The parks contain perfectly manicured hedges with labyrinth designs

2.) Spanish Hot Chocolate is the most decadent thing on earth- literally melted chocolate with milk. Thick and amazing.

3.) They love small dogs.

4.) Street Musicians roam the streets

5.) There is color everywhere! The streets, cafes and clothing are full of vibrant and lively colors.

6.) The street signs are made of beautiful painted tiles

7.) The city has an amazing metro system. If you do not mind switching lines, it takes less than 40 minutes by metro to reach the city center.

8.) There are Roman ruins hidden throughout the city. You can find them on display underground at the Opera Metro Station and in the gardens of El Parque del Retiro

9.) In my opinion, they have the best nightlife in the world. The evenings are spent visiting 2-5 different bars, sipping wine, chatting and sampling the tapas sent to the table. It is a wonderful way to experience barrio life, visit with friends and absorb the energy of the city!

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The Delightful Details and Quirks of Madrid


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