On Thursday I had the unique and thrilling opportunity to take my class to Van Gogh Alive, a unique presentation of the work of Vincent Van Gogh. After two weeks of special projects to highlight the vivid colors and captivating images of Vincent Van Gogh, we were ready. We walked up the stairs of Karaköy Limanı Antrepoları and were led into the large, dark exhibition space that hosted this unique presentation. As we sat in one corner of the large space, images of Van Gogh’s work surrounded us.

There were some interesting special effects at work. Each piece of furniture appeared one by one, to create Van Gogh’s famous bedroom scene. We floated up into the night sky to experience Starry, Starry Night. A train moved around the entire exhibit space to bring Van Gogh’s sketches alive.

Beautiful classical music filled the room, perfectly synchronized to the images that moved up and down each wall, and faded into the next. This was not your traditional art exhibit, it was more than an installation, it was an experience. Over 3,00o different images covered the walls, columns and even the ceiling, allowing the viewer to feel completely immersed in the vivid colors and vibrant images of Van Gogh’s work. It was absolutely captivating and a wonderful way to immerse oneself into the art and world of Vincent Van Gogh.

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Van Gogh Alive


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