Snow in Istanbul!


Yes, it snows in Istanbul. In fact, unlike any city I have ever lived in, Istanbul has 4 real seasons throughout the year. In the winter, there are days where there is absolutely nothing I can do (or wear) to stay warm enough, and in the summer it is sometimes so unbearably hot that I cannot do anything at all. Of course there are also the grey and rainy days that I know all too well as a Seattle native.

It snowed the final week of the semester. Our parent meetings were cancelled, and the whole city frantically tried to get home before the city was covered in snow. I returned from my 9-day trip to New York City to snow-covered Istanbul. It is beautiful and tranquil, and certainly a sight to see. The pictures below are from my school after the first snow day, and include one shot from my apartment (the perfect place to watch a snowy day)

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