Happy New Year!!


2011 proved to be a year of exciting year, and obviously 2012 appears to have a lot in store for us as well…

Some highlights of 2011:

Our trip to Rome and seeing the Colloseum in all of its glory

Caglayan’s perfect proposal, and the excitement of the wedding(s) and the celebrations ahead

Dancing into the night at the weddings of two of my closest friends in Istanbul

Returning to London to see and reconnect with old friends, and rediscover one of my favorite cities…

Exploring Croatia and its beautiful islands, and walking Dubrovnik’s city walls at sunset

Our glamorous end of school event at a Ottoman mansion along the Bosphorous: my friends were the first and the last people on the dance floor

Spending 4 days in beautiful Cappadocia, surrounded by the fairy chimneys of the region…and a hot air balloon ride!

Returning to Bodrum for the third time to celebrate Seker Bayram and explore the beautiful beaches and ruins of the region

Sharing our apartment with friends and guests

The picnic my students and their families held for my partner teacher and I at the end of the school year

Celebrating my birthday with all of the wonderful friends I have made in Istanbul

Spending several days introducing Caglayan to the magic of the Pacific Northwest, and some of my favorite people in  the whole world….

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Some things to look forward to in 2012:

A trip to New York City to search for the perfect wedding dress

Visiting friends in Paris

Hosting friends and family in Turkey this summer for our Turkish wedding celebration…perhaps in Bodrum?!

Turkish Lessons…yes it is finally time

2-3 months to travel…perhaps Thailand or Mexico?!

Perhaps a trip to Barcelona and/or Amsterdam

Marrying my soul mate, best friend and loving partner, and being able to start our life together in the U.S.


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