Happy Thanksgiving!


Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, and it pains me to be away from home for the third year in a row.  I love every dish, but more than anything, the joy, traditions and festivities that surround this special holiday. I miss friends and family, the laughter and the stories, the surprises and the excitement.

I also have so much to be thankful for…

The top 5:

1.) The love and support of my wonderful friends and family in Istanbul.  My boyfriend came home with a beautiful bouquet of flowers in honor of Teacher’s Day. My co-workers greet me every morning with hugs and kisses. My Turkish family wants to host a special holiday dinner for me.  We have established a special Thanksgiving and Christmas tradition of our own with our closest friends in Istanbul.

2.) My ability to travel and see the world! Currently, I am planning a trip to Vienna, Prague and Paris!

3.) The support and encouragement of my friends at home.

4.) My health and the health of everyone I love.

5.) Endless opportunities and options to consider as I brainstorm the upcoming year and my next endeavor…



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