Turkish tea (chai) is served frequently throughout the day. We sip on tea during breaks at work, during long breakfasts and at the end of dinner feasts. There are ‘chai gardens’ throughout the city, and numerous warm cafes to sit, sip chai, play games and smoke hookah. The Turkish tea glass is unique and dignified. Every household (including our apartment) has a set of at least 6 Turkish tea glasses that can be ready at a moments notice to offer any guest. The Turkish tea glass is small. Some say it is shaped like a tulip, others declare it is the silhouette of a woman’s body. Either way, a steamy glass of chai can be held at the tip and enjoyed amidst any social setting, and after every meal.

Recently, Pasabahce, a Turkish glassware company released a commercial highlighting the diverse designs and models of the Turkish tea glass. The music and the images linger in my mind. As a result, I thought it would be the perfect introduction to Turkish chai. The commercial is titled ‘Çaya Şeklini Biz Verdik’, which claims ‘We gave you the shape of the Chai glass”. Whether it is true or not, the company is the largest produces of the chai glasses and certainly an innovator in contemporary design. 


Turkish Tea Glasses


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