The Earthquake in Southeast Turkey


On Sunday afternoon, a devastating 7.2 magnitude earthquake struck eastern Turkey. This earthquake resulted in many injuries and deaths. While the loss of life is still unknown, some are estimating the death toll to be around 1000. News outlets report that families are still struggling to find their family members. As you walk through the streets of Van, you can hear the screams of people stuck in the rubble of collapsed apartment buildings. Neighbors and other community volunteers dug through the rubble with their own bare hands. The evening temperature sank below zero degrees, and many survivors were forced to sleep on the streets as they await the support of public and private aid agencies. The roads were severely damaged, making it difficult for the much-needed manpower and supplies to arrive in this dire time of need.

My heart goes out to everyone effected by this tragedy. I am wishing for the best as the people of Van, and the surrounding area attempt to find their loved ones and recover from yesterday’s horrible earthquake.


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