It is a beautiful Autumn day in Istanbul. I am busy brainstorming all of the things I must do before Winter arrives. One of my favorite ways to spend a beautiful day in Istanbul is an afternoon in Ortakoy. Once a small seaside village, Ortakoy quickly became enveloped by Istanbul’s growing metropolis. It has managed to maintain its charm, despite its new identity as a rather upscale and touristy weekend destination. However, despite this reputation, it remains a beloved and picturesque neighborhood that both Istanbul residents and tourists enjoy. On the weekends, there is an outdoor market along the waterfront, which sells a variety of different homemade crafts and special imports. Additionally, the homes in the area have been transformed into cafes with 3-4 floors, and stairs that lead to a terrace with a spectacular view of the Bosphorus bridge, the shore of the Asian side of the city, and the minaret and outline of Haghia Sophia, the Blue Mosque, and Topkapi Palace. Ortakoy is also famous for its waffle and hot potato stands. You can easily spend 2 hours walking through the market and the shops, as well as stopping to sit and take in the scene at one of these cafes. However, the appeal of the 1 hour Bosphorus tour is usually reason enough to lure me to Ortakoy…

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