A Bosphorus Boat Tour


While there are many opportunities to see Istanbul by boat, my favorite experience is the short 1 hour trip that starts and ends in Ortakoy. I send all of my guests to this location to admire the city and experience the Bosphorus. It is not only worthy of its own blog post, but also of an afternoon, regardless of the amount of time you have in Istanbul. The ride starts at the first Bosphorus Bridge and turns at the second bridge. It provides a perfect opportunity to see traditional Ottoman homes, and the summer palaces which dot the shore. You can marvel at the old European and Asian fortresses that were once built to protect the city from invaders, and are now situated within the modern city. Additionally, you can see the amazing concert venues, cafes, night clubs and summer homes that line the city’s Asian and European shores. As you sip your tea, you catch a glimpse of what makes this city so special…

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