Sunday Night Dinner


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There is a fish stand at the top of our street, 3 minutes from our apartment. There is a rich culture around fish in Istanbul. It is usually (if done right) served with a table full of salads and appetizers plates, and must be accompanied by Raki, the Turkish alcohol (very similar, but never associated with Ouzo). Apparently, every type of fish is good in this season (we were told). Our favorite is Cipura, which I have found translated as Gilt Head Sea Bream (?!). It is delicious. We decided to seize the opportunity and create a new (albeit temporary) tradition. In our apartment, Sunday night is fish night. Every Sunday, we prepare fish. Last Sunday we prepared fish with lemon rocket and onions (Turkish style). My personal favorite is fish with butter and garlic. We treat ourselves to wine, prepare a salad and indulge in the most flavorful, moist, fresh fish I have ever tasted in my life. Who wants to come to dinner?

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