Pedasa and Iasos


There is so much to see in Turkey. I feel like we have barely touched the surface in our efforts to expore the rich cultural and historical sites that exist throughout the country. On the highway one brown sign after another invites you to take a detour and explore the ruins of cities and towns left over from previous civillizations that once prospered in this region. It is humbling and exciting to wander through many of these ancient sites with only a handful of other people present. We had the opportunity to experience this when we visited Iassos and Pedasa (near Bodrum). There are so many sites in Turkey many of them remain untouched, while others are still underground. Archeaology teams from Italy, Austria, the United Kingdom, Germany and many other nations have ongoing projects, but many work on-site for only a few months each year. I have included pictures from Pedasa and Iasos, as well a map of Turkey which documents the most significant historical sites throughout the country.

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