CNBC party at Reina


As many of you may know, I have a very special connection in the Turkish media sector. There is one notable benefit that accompanies membership to this sector: the numerous (and glamorous) promotional events that you are invited to. For members of the media sector this is one of the better parts of the business, but still falling under the category of work. However, for those of us that simply get to be the +1 for the evening, this is an exciting opportunity to mix with a part of society that you rarely encounter, and observe  a lifestyle very different from your own.  The party we attended at Reina exceeded all expectations. First, you must be introduced to Reina: an infamous Istanbul nightclub hanging over the Bosphorus and sitting underneath the Bosphorus bridge. The event we attended was sponsored by CNBC to promote their Fall line-up, specifically the presentation of ‘Game of Thrones’ on Turkish television. We were greeted by knights and warrior princesses. There were open flames leading the way to the outdoor bar. Music filled the air, and the city’s skyline sparkled. Women with 4 inch heels and club attire worked the room, and waiters with white suits awaited your drink order. There was a throne of swords sitting at the edge of the Bosphorus (an exceptional backdrop for any photo), and in the middle of the evening a brass band marched through the crowd for a surprise performance. It was an extraordinary evening.

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